How to- Auto Scale via Dome9 Connect API?

Dome9 auto scaling gives you on-the-fly security for any servers you add across any clouds. Leveraging either Dome9 Connect for API-based deployments or a unique pairing key for Dome9 Agent-based, your servers are dynamically paired with your Dome9 account and secured automatically by your security groups. Auto scaling makes your security as elastic as your infrastructure.

So, how do you configure your Dome9 account for auto-scaling via Dome9 Connect API?

If you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, HP Cloud Services, and/or OpenStack and have connected your Dome9 account to your cloud infrastructure via the Dome9 Connect API, your account is already configured for auto-scaling.  Because the Dome9 Connect API configures your security policy directly with your cloud provider via API, there is nothing to install or configure on any of your instances.  Any policy configuration you’ve set within Dome9 is automatically applied to any new instances, so long as that instance is managed under an existing security group. 

To learn how to define a security group and/or add a server to a security group, visit

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