Strong Authentication [4/22/2012]

At Dome9, we're constantly looking to enhance security for our customers. So, it's with great pride that we introduce support for Strong Authentication, a technology provided by our partner, VASCO security, a world leader in strong authentication.

Strong Authentication technology is based on a knowledge of a one-time-password and a possession of a secret (DIGIPASS) stored in a user's mobile device . Hence, strong authentication provides security level that exceeds that of static password.

How does this magic work with Dome9?

If you don't have a MYDIGIPASS account:

1) Go to and sign up to create a free MYDIGIPASS account.

2) Download and install MYDIGIPASS app to your mobile device. You can do that either by receiving a text message containing a link to the app or by downloading the app in your device's app store.

3) Use MYDIGIPASS app to scan the QR code displayed on your desktop/laptop screen or enter MYDIGIPASS email address, password and the on-time-password as displayed in the mobile app. If login to MYDIGIPASS fails, re-enter the passwords.

4) Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email sent to you by MYDIGIPASS.

5) Login to your Dome9 account and from the settings link, enable 2-Factor Authentication.

6) On the "Request for Permission" page click "Allow and log-on".

7) "Secure login in-progress" page appears and in a moment you will be successfully logged into your Dome9 account.

If you have a MYDIGIPASS account:

1) If you are logged in to your MYDIGIPASS account, follow from step 5 above.

2) If you are not logged in to your MYDIGIPASS account:

    1. Click MYDIGIPASS icon from the Dome9 login page at

   2. Follow steps 3,5,6,7 above.
   3. If you're unable to login to Dome9 successfully and an error message saying "To enable 2 Factor Authentication..." appears,

 then login to your Dome9 account and from the settings link, enable 2-Factor Authentication.Once you click the "enable" button, you will be logged in-to Dome9 using MYDIGIPASS.

In any of the cases outlined above, as long as 2-Factor Authentication is enabled and you're logged in to MYDIGIPASS, anytime you need to login to your Dome9 account, simply click MYDIGIPASS icon on the Dome9 login page and you will be signed in automatically. If you're not logged in, clicking MYDIGIPASS icon will result in MYDIGIPASS login page. There, you need to provide your MYDIGIPASS email address, password and one-time password. And again, as long as you remain logged in to MYDIGIPASS, any login to Dome9 will be as simple as clicking the icon.

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