Real-Time Email Notifications [1/4/2012]

Dome9 has just released its new “Real-Time Email Notifications” feature.
Available today, you can receive real-time notifications for system events, including creating a new server, issuing a secure access lease, and a failed user login.

Real-time Email Notifications are configured in Dome9 Central under settings (top right corner of console).

Who receives Real-Time Email Notifications?
Notifications are sent to your registered email address.

What type of notifications can be sent?
Notifications can be sent for any of the following:
- creation and deletion of servers under management,
- change in status, including if a server is offline, or a policy change,
- secure access invitations and leases, and user activity, including created or deleted user, user logon, permission change, failed logon, forgotten user password, and changed password.

Are there any default notifications preferences?
Default notifications are set for creation of a server and secure access lease. You can change them in “Settings.”

I’m the Account Owner. Can I receive notifications for other users’ events under my account?
Yes. If you are the Account Owner you can also be notified for any event that relates to any user defined in account. All you need to do is to select “Receive notifications for activities related to other users” for the relevant category.

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